“Point Of Purchase” displays.  That’s my new job.  Sounds exciting doesn’t it?  From the jaded perspective I’m creating pretty trash.  Typically, a POP display is a corrugated box with great looking graphics that tries to convince whoever sees it, that whatever is in it, is something they can’t live without.  Hopefully, IF this incredible piece of corrugated art does its work successfully, the display will be empty in a matter of days (the world having been saved from imminent destruction because the items in it were purchased).  The empty corrugated carcass then becomes fodder for the “baile”.  Being in a rural community, this conjures the image of tractors bailing hay.  In this case, that is exactly what it is but it is in the back of the store bailing corrugate which is then resold back to recycling plants; assuming the store is environmentally conscious.  Otherwise, the corrugated boxes sit in a trailer behind the store.

From a more positive perspective, I’m helping the economy. 

Actually, today I read something that made me stop and think.  Thanks to WorkMatters.  They posed the question, is your job a ministry?  I’m sure herding sheep does not “feel” like a ministry.  Yet, how many times is the analogy of a sheep herder given in scripture?  Better yet, look at the comparisons made between a quality sheep herder and a poor sheep herder.  Maybe we think too much about WHAT were doing and not enough about HOW we’re doing.

How can I make my POP “job” something that people will use as a standard to measure a performance well done versus a poor performance?


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