Cobblestone Project

Cobblestone Project

A Great Story


I had an interesting visit today.  Ever have the experience of hearing of someone’s name in a variety of different circles and then you finally work up the nerve to meet them and it was everything you hoped it would be?  It feels a little like meeting a celebrity.  Which reminds me, I saw George Lopez at a coffee shop this morning during our meeting…  Weird…  Anyway, I met a guy that I admired just from the stories I heard about him.  His ideas are imaginative, relevant, authentic, and making a difference!  I was most impressed with his conviction.  He decides he wants to help orphans, so what does he do?  He starts by adopting a child.  See what I mean?  Simple, shocking, sold out, committed, no turning back kind of commitment.  His local efforts were born from relationships from church and friends.  He takes time to assess and then decides to move.  I was impressed that instead of being content with doing “church”, it was people simply deciding that doing life together had more value.  Sharing stories, getting ideas, and taking action.  We had an hour to visit and it flew by.  I left the meeting having no idea what the next step was.  I’ll just say this.  Take a few minutes to check out, The Cobblestone Project.  Browse through it for a while, and then see if you get a simple, practical and fun idea on how to improve your corner of the world.  Let it challenge you.  By doing so, you’ll add your cobblestone to the path.  And if you stumble on an idea for me… let me know.


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