POP Display? Think CUBE.

I enjoy the creative aspect of POP (Point of Purchase) displays.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a designer.  In no way shape or form.  That being said, I do enjoy the creative process.  And that process has shown me something I think clients, designers, and merchants should try to remember.  Your designing in 3 Dimensions.  I know, “Duh!”  But hear me out for a second.

Most folks will look at a modular space as a board with hooks and those hooks have to be arranged in a particular order.  Or the challenge can be an end cap or even inside the refrigerated section.  The oversight tends to occur when we get so fixated on arranging the hooks or moving the shelves that we forget we are working in a three-dimensional environment. 

Imagine the work environment like a cube.  If you create a cube around your entire area, you begin to discover unrealized billboard space.  Perhaps it is the bottom of the modular with a shelf liner.  Perhaps an extra long hook gives you a small place to create a call out.  Perhaps the top of the refrigerator unit has nothing on it and that would be a good place to create signage.  Maybe, jut maybe, there is space between the front of the shelf and the product.  That too is usable to create advertising space.

The lesson I learn more often than most when looking at a retail space is to remember to look at the whole environment.  Like you are trying to pack a box with product and messages.  Imagine a cube around it and see what it reveals.


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