URGENT Request for Local NWA Business!

Ok, some of you know about one of my favorite places, World Garden

It’s a business.  It’s a ministry…  It’s a busistry! 

The profits from this incredible soup and salad restaurant benefit orphanages, farmers, local shelters and more.  Every week, hundreds of folks in Benton and Washington counties receive meals, free of charge through the efforts of volunteers that make those meals in the World Garden kitchen.  It’s truly a business that believes in impacting it’s community.  World Garden now needs the community to help!
The goal is simple.  It’s a business so “donations” are not an option.  World Garden needs customers.  The goal is 500 customers per day for the next 5 days.  Support this business that helps so many.  Here are some ideas for you:
1.  Go have lunch there and pick up lunches for others in your office.
2.  If you have an office meeting or event coming up in the next few days, see if they are available to cater your event.
3.  Eat an incredible salad bar for the next 5 days.  (They have an incredible steak fajita nacho dish too).
4.  Finally, offer to buy lunches for your client’s offices.  Trying to court a client?  Buy their office lunch and deliver it.
OK, that’s the goal.  Use this social network and get the word out.  For the next 5 days, everyone eats at World Garden; open 10:30 to 3:00.  Ready, Go tweet, Go Facebook, Go Eat!

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