Red Letter Day!

Today, the company I work for received the “Spirit of St. Louis Award” from Mayor Francis Slay.  I think that means we all receive season tickets to the Cardinals.  I’m pretty sure that’s what that means, yeah.  I’m pretty sure I’m right on that.

Established in 1977, they are accomplishing great things and I am very fortunate to have recently become a part of that organization.  I was brought on board for the specific reason of providing a full-time presence in northwest Arkansas.  Mid America Display (part of Boxes Inc.) provides retail suppliers; design, manufacture, fulfillment and logistic support for the promotional programs they send to retailers.  You’ll see cool looking displays everywhere from movie theaters to Walmart; Auto Zone to well, you get the point.  (The ugly displays are made by our competitors).

I’m only six weeks in with the company so it is a little difficult for me to take any credit for this award.  However, that doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying to figure out a way.  I’m excited to be a part of this great team and look forward to playing a part in their future success!  Congratulations Mike and Greg and thank you for the opportunity!

Owners, Mike Patten, President and Chief Executive and Greg Wiese, Vice President with Mayor Francis Slay


The Mayor working on one type of die cutter.



2 responses to “Red Letter Day!

  1. Jim,
    Congratulations to you and Mid-America Display team! THEY are lucky to have you on their team, and WE are lucky to have you in Northwest Arkansas!

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