Going through hell…

Winston Churchill is credited with the quote, “If you’re going through hell, keep going”.  Rodney Atkins put the same theme to music.  And to answer your immediate curiosity, no… I’m not going through some great personal struggle beyond the general concerns of daily life.  I’ve not made a great sacrifice.  I’ve not fallen into great trials.  Nor have I experienced some great conflict.  All in all, life has its usual challenges; getting back on solid ground after being laid off, paying off debts, making ends meet, trying to improve my golf game.  You know, the day-to-day stuff.  Most of our drama is self-inflicted.

However, I do have some heroes.  And it’s the constant thinking about them that continues to challenge me.  Men and women who have walked away from security and embraced risk for something they believe in.  Folks who have placed the needs of others before their own.  Following through and honoring their word even though it means coming out on the “short end of the stick”.  It forced me to ask the question, “What makes a hero?”  To me, those are the folks that are walking through hell and doing so admirably.

Ephesians 6:10-20 is a description that I just love.  It talks about putting on the full armor of God and when you fought against the adversary and have done everything you can do to stand… keep standing.  Sometimes winning the fight is simply not going down.  Don’t laugh, but one of my favorite “pep talks” actually comes from a Rocky movie.

I pray that I can reflect some of the same characteristics I see in my heroes when difficult times come my way.  It’s something I think about frequently.  Do I have the mental toughness necessary to get my family through a tough time?  Do I have the stamina of heart to see something through to the end?  Will I be ready to heed the call when sacrifice is needed?  Think about it.


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