Remake of True Grit?! Noooo!

I realize if you born after 1979 you have no idea how big of a hero John Wayne was.  To say he was an American icon is not an overstatement.  He wasn’t an actor as much as he was a persona.  Every little boy wanted to be him.  Very few achieved such cultural stature; Ali, Kennedy, Marilyn… maybe.  But the Duke crossed boundaries that even limited those I mentioned.  He seemed to represent the best of America.

He was born in 1907.  I know that because that was the same year Oklahoma became a state.  And I know that because I was born on the same day as Oklahoma statehood (not the same year).  Anyway, I digress. 

He appeared in over 175 films over a 50 year span.  He beat cancer once by having several ribs removed (circa 1964).  After his death in 1979, he was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  The highest awards given to non-military citizens.  Maybe a handful of individuals have received both.  The image of John Wayne was bigger than life.  He embodied the American ideal.

Well, in perfect Hollywood fashion, they want to try to copy it.  Hollywood, so help me… if you mess this up, I will hire an evil genius to shoot two missiles into the San Andreas fault line and cause an earthquake that will make California fall into the ocean!

The REAL Rooster (3 minute mark has most memorable moment from the film)

If you’re really a fan, here’s one of my favorite quotes that is very timely.

Can you name the movie?


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