Shell Oil taught me something today.

The Northwest Arkansas Summit is a weekly luncheon at The Church at Pinnacle Hills.  I like to attend to do a little networking, catching up with acquaintances and generally break up the routine a bit.

Today, Shell Oil of North America’s VP of Sales, Jim McCormick spoke.  He shared a good portion of information regarding the energy business and our nation’s outlook.  Of particular interest to me was the fact they had approximately 44,000 stations.  Excuse me Mr. McCormick, can I interest you in POP displays for all your locations?  Just asking.

Anyway, there was a point he made that really caught my attention.  Summarizing a bit, I’ll try to get as close as possible.  As a leader, displaying the attributes of love described in 1 Corinthians, how do you achieve changing results for the better?  He summed it up this way.  Change your perspective.

Follow the logic here.  If you change your perspective, it will change your reaction to the event.  By changing your reaction to the event, you change the environment surrounding that event.  The likelihood for change then is increased because the reaction and environment surrounding it are different.  Now, go read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

Creating change in an institution (business or church) would be more effective if the attributes described in the passage were demonstrated to the employees or followers.  To use Seth Godin’s verbage, you’re talking to your tribe.  

I just have to remember this when the opportunity arises.  Thanks Mr. McCormick for making me stop and think a bit today.


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