“God in the Market Place”

It’s a book by Henry and Richard Blackaby.  It is 45 questions asked to Fortune 500 executives about faith, life, and business.  I enjoy pulling it out every once in a while.  The chapters are short in length and provide just enough references to other sources to make it interesting. 

Today, I ran across part 4, My Family Life.  The question is a simple one, “Can you be successful leader if your family is fractured by broken relationships?  We all know that the book is looking for the correct answer which of course is, “no”. 

We all understand that.  We all know how to answer that.  However; if we’re honest, and we look at the compartmentalized, analytical, almost schizophrenic approach to life that we live…then our actions betray us.  Why else would a man find so much value in his achievements at his work and less so at keeping his responsibilities at home?  Shouldn’t a good “leader” at work be the same at home?  Is the definition of “leadership” different at work than it is at home?  You tell me.

1 Timothy 3:4-5  is a verse that it keys on.  Yes, it talks about ministers leading a church but is the challenge any less so for executives of industry? 

The book continues to challenge us on relationships with our spouses, children, business, church, and all other social alliances.  Check this one out (even if you have to go to the library).  It’s a good read.


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