Suck it up cupcake!

Ok, life’s hard.  We all have “seasons” where life just seems hard.  Getting out of bed is harder than it’s supposed to be.  Working hard never seems to pay off.  No matter how many vacations, breaks, or rests you take, they’re never enough.  Your friends seem to be a million miles away and nobody “understands you”.  Maybe your spouse is looking at you with a curious look and wondering what in the world is going on with you.  Your kids would rather play with a brick than with you.  You can’t get to sleep at night and when you do, it’s guaranteed that you’ll wake up at 3:00 am and then fall back asleep at 4:00 which ensures you’ll not hear your alarm at 5:00.  Any of these things sound familiar?  (These things have never happened to me personally but I’ve read about them in books).

How do you pull yourself out of such a miserable place?  STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.  Focus all 3 ounces of your energy on a positive scripture.  Anything that gives you the slightest inclination of hope.  I’m not giving any verses to you… go look it up.  It has to be yours.  You have to own it.  Why?  Any preacher, teacher, friend or rabbi can give you a verse out of Jeremiah, or Romans or whatever and tell you what they think.  But you lose something in the translation.  IF God’s word is what it says it is.  IF God is who He says He is.  Then YOU have to try to believe that He is talking directly to you and only you.

Go directly to the word of God, find a verse, passage or story that gives you hope enough for today and today only.  Focus on it.  Dwell on it. Do whatever you got to do to think on that each and every time the world starts to crowd in on your thoughts.  Beth Moore, Francis Chan, or Dave Ramsey may be great folks and “experts” in their field but you need to go to the Creator of hope to receive hope.  Look at this way.  Experts built the Titanic, God spoke to an armature to build the arc.

Ok, now let’s open a Bible and find hope.


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