My story doesn’t fit.

A friend of mine recently returned from a conference.  He was telling me about some of the speakers and how impactful the experience was.  It challenged him on multiple levels; professionally, personally, spiritually.  He was genuinely moved by the entire experience.  He then shared something with me that stuck with me.  I don’t know which speaker to attribute it to so forgive me.

As you read the stories throughout scripture, especially the New Testament, consider this.  If your life’s story was put to paper and someone wrote about you, would it fit into scripture?  I have friends that are moving across the globe to be missionaries.  I have friends who adopt orphans.  I have friends who… you get the idea.  Their stories fit into scripture.  They all expressed the same thing.  They saw a need and simply responded to trying to help.  In their own individual ways they expressed Christ’s love.

Now for the tough part.  Turn the magnifying glass upon you.  Or, in my case, on me.  I have a hard time with this part.  If I look at my story… it would NOT fit in scripture.  That’s the tough part.  Keep in mind, I’m not talking about perfection here.  The souls recorded in scripture were flawed in countless ways.  We’re all broken vessels to some degree.  It may be pride, greed, or any desire that places ourselves above God’s command.  What I’m getting at is the manner in which people followed Christ.  It’s an extremely simple, extremely extreme form of commitment.  They changed their lives based on, “Follow Me”.  They dropped careers, family, homes, and even their lives because he asked them to live as he did.

Now, my story doesn’t fit… but here is the good news.  My story isn’t done.  It’s still being written.  Maybe I’ll be like Noah and hit my stride when I’m 70+.  Maybe it will be a flash in the pan moment.  Maybe it will be a lifetime of daily struggle with no apparent result.  Maybe I’ll raise my arms and part Beaver Lake.  It doesn’t matter what or when it is.  What is important is that I live each and every day completely sold out to one thing.  To live as Christ lived.  To love as He loved.  To hold firm on truth and communicating Truth in Love.  I am alive, therefore I can keep writing.  I can change those things I don’t like.  I can write a story worthy of print in scripture.


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