NPR, Seriously?!

Ok, first let’s take a look at the SCANDALOUS video.  The big statement is made in the first minute but please take a moment to hear the whole thing.  Anyone with an attention span longer than 30 seconds will see Juan defend Muslims as a people and his point, WHEN TAKEN IN CONTEXT, is a valid one.

I’ll preface my rant with the following.  I believe firing Juan was wrong and I see it as a threat to the American people.  Here is why.

There are a  million things one can debate on the specifics of the event but let’s step back for one freakin second and look at the big picture.  National PUBLIC Radio is supposed to be one of the stop-gap measures in free speech.  It is SUPPOSED to be a means by which the public voice can be heard.  That’s why any garage band with local support can buy time on a public station.  That’s the concept in a nutshell.

Now we hear outcries for the federal government to cut funding for NPR (which is about 2% of its overall operating budget).  Let’s stop the reactionary, knee jerk, throw the baby out with the bath water manner in which we try to resolve an issue.  A minor one at that!

Freedom comes with responsibility.  You learned it in grade school remember?  You had personal freedoms until somebody hurt someone then a rule was put into place to stop it.  It’s the same thing today.  We have freedoms as long as we except the personal responsibility of those freedoms.  If we decide individuals needs rules to demonstrate societies expectations then we’ll make a law. 

There are a couple of things that have me terrified.  1.  The reaction of the decision makers at NPR to fire him in the first place.  2.  The threat of cutting funding as a means to correct the problem.

The problem to me seems to be with leadership at NPR.  Aren’t they supposed to encourage free speech?  Isn’t it a good idea for debate to put an ultra conservative and a liberal on the shame show for just such a discussion.  Why is it so wrong to talk about what so many people think about?  We’ve all been scared or intimidated by an individual that looks threatening to our own sensory filters.  No discrimination occurred.  No prejudice was exercised.  An emotion was expressed.  And later, the emotion clarified in his defense of a people.  Secondly, how in the world does cutting funding solve the issue?  All you’re doing is limiting the continued effectiveness of the program.  Cutting NPR, one of the “people’s” means of being heard only gives the government more control.

The issue is poor leadership at NPR.  Don’t cut the funding!  Cut the staff!  Replace them with people who are more concerned about responsibly promoting freedoms and less concerned about being politically correct!

I’m done ranting.  I’m going to a football game.


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