A Bowl of Stew = thousands of years of war

Have you ever made one of those snap decisions out of a sense of desperation?  You ever wonder about the magnitude of such a decision?  Most of you know I was a licensed minister at a young age.  My poor choices changed all that.  Sometimes I wonder about the magnitude of my decisions.  Today I read about an example of another such knucklehead.

The Bible records a story about this guy named Esau (Genesis 25).  In that chapter of the book, this idiot sells his birthright to his younger brother Jacob for a bowl of stew.  That’s right, lentil soup and bread.  So what’s the big deal?  Esau had no idea the value of his birthright and no regard for it.  Later in Malachi chapter 1, God himself declares his love for Jacob and His disdain for Esau.  The guys land will be cursed, generations of wars etc.  It was such a big deal, it was mentioned again in Romans 9 and Hebrews 12.

Easy lesson here.  You have freedoms to believe what you wish and make choices according to those beliefs.  However, with that freedom comes the responsibility of playing out the results.  Making a decision out of desperation, fear, convenience, or even hunger is probably not the wisest of moves.

Oh, and remember our brothers Esau and Jacob?  They are considered to be patriarchs of two people groups; Hebrew and Arab.  And so the fighting continues…


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