Needs, pain, and grace

I read an interesting note today that has me thinking…alot. 

“I don’t need you” is the language of the wounded heart.  Needs give us the capacity to experience love.” – True Faced

This is one of those moments when it feels like God is doing everything to say, “Um, Jim?  I’m talking to you.”  How many of us have experienced the pain of feeling betrayed by a friend, family member, boss, co-worker, or pastor?  I personally have distanced myself from some of the dearest people I’ve ever known because of such feelings.  Who among us hasn’t?

Now please keep in mind that I’m not talking about someone who has intentionally inflicted such a wound that to withdraw and sever the relationship was  necessary for safety’s sake and the wise thing to do.  That’s a different matter.  I’m talking about the very real hurt experienced when either by action or by word you feel, “Your friendship is no longer valued” or “I don’t need you”.

Ok, we’ve all been there.  Now what?  Well, what example do you think I found?  The only thing I could think of was the relationship between Christ and his disciples.  Christ lived with Judas for years prior to the night of the betrayal.  He knew what the man was doing (stealing) and would do (betray him).  Yet, Judas was afforded the same treatment and love given to all the disciples. 

Stay with me, here is the cool part, the “Needs give us the capacity to experience love” part.  My pain, my sin, my messed up fouled up hurt…is the opportunity to experience grace that I so long for.  It isn’t about cleaning myself up or getting my life right.  It’s about going to God and saying, “God I CAN’T do anything about this.  I CAN’T fix this.”  Now the hard part.  Instead of trying to do something to fix it, what happens if I trust God to fix it?  Scripture says, it is impossible to please God without trusting Him.  His greatest command is to love Him and to love others.  What if, like Christ, I concentrate on showing love even toward those who have inflicted great pain.  If we concentrate on that and believe Him for the rest…I wonder what will happen to this hurt we feel?

It isn’t easy to show grace but then again, things of great value are rarely easy.


It’s All About Me

That’s right, it’s all about me and I can prove it.

I have finally found the answer to questions like; “Why don’t ‘they’ get it?”  “Why can’t they just (enter whatever topic here), like I do?”  Or, my personal favorite, “Why can’t they handle it like I would?”

Well, here is the hard cold truth.  It is because I am the center of the universe and I have scientific evidence to prove it.  Since the universe is ever-expanding, it stands to reason that the further something gets from the center the smaller in size it appears. 

For example, it is a beautiful moonless and cloudless sky.  We walk outside and look up to see tiny specs of light.  Is it not true that those tiny specs of light are actually stars, planets, even entire galaxies that are many times the size of planet Earth?  And is it not logical that we assume the universe is ever-expanding or at some point in time expanded to its current state?  Obviously then, if something expands it starts out from “the center”!  Conversely, if the universe was expanding TOWARDS the Earth, these items would appear larger.   The principle proves that I am that center of the universe.

Please reference this simple illustration.  

I am standing in the front.  As the distance from the person next to me increases then that person begins to decrease in size.  They appear to get smaller, less significant, with less influence and relevance until finally at some “vanishing point” they fail to exist at all.

I’m sure this particular post will be difficult for some to fully appreciate.  However, those who are closest to me and who see life in the same exact manner as I do will no doubt be enlightened.  As you begin to understand this truth you will be closer to me and therefore have greater universal significance.  Should there be dissention or opinion to the contrary do not attempt to correct, argue, or debate.  Simply begin moving to the back as illustrated, please continue back,… keep going,… just a few more steps…