This site is about little more than learning.  I enjoy learning new things to the point I become a serial obsessionist.  I’ll become very intent on learning something or accomplishing something to the point I become obsessive.  Once I get a grasp or understanding, it either becomes a part of my routine or I become bored and abandon it almost as quickly as I started.  So it is with this blog.

The hope is that this is an outlet for questions and ideas.  My life’s experiences are as varied as can be.  Sometimes I feel I’ve lived a lifetime already.  I was a licensed minister at 17, married at 21, and then divorced by the time I was 23.  I turned in my license and became a stage actor.  I have worked as a Master Electrician, Carpenter, Fly-man, Actor, Sound Engineer, Set Designer, Lighting Designer, Stuntman, Personal Assistant, Studio Manager, Theater Producer, Development Officer, Advertising Executive, and Salesman.

Faith, Christ, the church; are all major influences in my life.  I consider my life Christ’s to do with as he wills.  I knowingly and intentionally follow His teachings when I chose to believe my eternal destiny depended on my complete surrender of my will.  My life is now a chaotic internal battle that rages between obtaining what I want and giving it away.

If I wrote a book, I would probably call it, “God, I Don’t Get It”.  Either that or “I’m the Most Successful Failure I Know”.  My life is the perfect example of someone whose had it pretty easy and still manages to fold under pressure, fall just short of a goal, or quit in spite of himself.

In 2000, I met and married Sarah.  That year set into motion what can only be described as “redemption”.  God took areas of my life and through her, began to do a work in me that brought a passion and desire to see his hand at work in our lives.  Our daughter came in 2003.  She is our one and only, and between these two girls; I live and die by a look in their eye or laughter from their lips.  I never knew how much another person could impact you until I met Sarah.

So, with those influences, you’ll see the rants of a guy whose passions tend to focus on creativity, bordering on the melodramatic; faith, hope and love; and finally relationships.  Hopefully, I’ll learn something.  Perhaps someone will be encouraged.  And maybe, just maybe I’ll figure out how I can be the husband, father, and man of God I want to be.