Great Causes

Rapha's Childrens Haven

Washing Feet

The trip to Africa in May of 2009 woke something up in my heart that I hope I never lose.  I was fortunate to witness first hand God’s work with people who have completely devoted their lives to service of God and to others.  It was after returning from Africa that I began searching out more stories like the ones I heard in Uganda and in Kenya.  Mission minded companies who perform their work with passion and care because they want to invest in something eternal.  

Special Needs Children

I hope you get the chance to look at some of the pages and perhaps find your own cause to get behind and support in some way.  Giving financial support is always a great first step but getting your fingernails dirty and giving of yourself is the ultimate reward. 

Northwest Arkansas is an amazing place.  There is so much potential, so many resources, so much of everything it’s hard to imagine that we have some of the challenges we see.  The number of kids that go to school hungry in the morning is not acceptable.  The number of kids hurt by their parents is heart breaking.  But thanks to folks that choose to get involved, there is a place like The Children’s Shelter that can help.


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